Rentmod Customer Rental Agreement

  1. Introduction

Through our Services, we aim to give you access to unique and trendy clothing, specific clothing advice and/or other content to help you decide which items may be best for you. Rentmod offers diversity and the flexibility to try new trends without the pressure of purchase

  1. General - Rental Agreement

Please read this Rental Agreement before entering or using any part of our website. By entering or using any part of “”, you agree to be bound by this Rental Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all of the agreement, you may not use our services.


  1. Our Commitments to You

We will deliver the products on or before the date that you selected, except if a previous customer does not return the item on time or in great condition. In this case, we will contact you immediately and you will be offered a full refund.

You will be provided with a tracking number to ensure a timely delivery.

You will be provided with return packaging for a safe, easy return process.

You will not be charged for dry cleaning, as this fee was included in your rental cost.

RentMod is committed to protecting your privacy. Read our privacy policy here.


4. Cleaning and Damages Policy

      a. Cleaning: RentMod pays for dry cleaning between each rental use, which is included in your rental price. Please do not attempt to clean the garment yourself. 

      b. Damages: Any damages to the garment that you have rented (rips, stains, holes, tears etc) will need to be repaired by Rentmod. We know accidents happen and will always work with you, however we must have a policy in place as to avoid the issue.

You agree to treat the products with great care and understand that you are responsible for loss, destruction, or damage to the goods due to theft, disappearance, fire, major stains or any other occurrences, not including normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear encompasses minor stains, rips, missing beads, stuck zippers or other minor damage.

If you return an item that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then you agree that we shall charge you, and you shall pay, for the price for repairing or replacing the product, up to 100% of the retail value for the product. This price is to pay for a replacement of the garment and covers any refunds to people who have booked the item in advance, as they will no longer be able to rent the item until a new one arrives. 

Don’t let this scare you off, as we will always contact you before discussing any damage fees. If an item is accidentally damaged while you are renting, please contact us immediately to help assess the situation and walk you through how to lessen damage, if possible.


5. Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the renter decides to not rent their chosen item anymore, whether we have shipped it yet or not, we do not offer a refund as we may have passed up other opportunities to rent it out for this specific date.

This can be avoided by being careful when choosing sizes and items to rent. Contact us via or Instagram DM for exact measurements, photos or any information you would like to know about any item. We do offer try-ons if you are located in Chicago (see “Try it On” page on website). Unfortunately, we are unable to send anywhere else for try ons at this present time.

If the item does not fit the renter or does not 'look right on' when it arrives, we do not offer a refund, as again we may have passed up other opportunities to rent the specific garment out to another person on that specific date. 

Full refunds will be given for if USPS does not deliver the item on time. We will be tracking each item to ensure this timely delivery, and will provide you a tracking number as well. All of our garments are sent out with enough time to arrive; it is possible however for there to be a delay, in which case a full refund will be given to the renter if the tracking states that this is indeed true. 

For Positive Mindsets Win merchandise in our “buy” section, all sales are final as we use a third party to create the merchandise.


6. Shipping and Return Policy

     a. Shipping: You will be provided a tracking number for your products, which we will be monitoring as well. You acknowledge that a Secure Shipping Address (defined herein) is highly recommended in your rental purchase. A Secure Shipping Address is defined as a location where an individual can physically receive product(s). In the event that an unsecure shipping address is provided, Rentmod does not bear liability for products left unattended.  If an item is lost, Rentmod is not to be held liable, but you will be held liable.

If you live in NYC or have concerns about the possibility of your package being stolen, contact us and we'll work with you.

     b. Returns: You may keep each item(s) for 6 days. After your rental period is up, returning is free and easy.

You agree to return the products to RentMod on time, in the packaging that is provided to you. We will clearly state the rental return date in the online invoice issued to you, as well as in the thank you card in your order. You must return the product by delivering the product to a USPS store (not UPS or FedEx) located in the same city that the package was sent, on or before the date that the product is due.

    If you lose the return packaging we provide, you will be responsible for returning the item at your own expense by the expected return date. If this is the case, contact us and we will walk you through it.


    7. Late Fee Policy

    If you return the products late or not at all, a late fee of $10.00 per day will be charged to your account that you made the payment with, up to a maximum not exceeding 150% of the retail value of the product rented.This 150% of the retail value will be taken from original recommended retail price (RRP) when first released. This covers the loss of the item, plus the expected loss of revenue from further rentals of that product. RentMod reserves the right to charge your account used for payment for non-compliance of the rental agreement and terms and conditions under which you hire our products.



      1. Content: With your permission, you agree that any photos you send us of yourself in our garments via email or other social media platforms may appear on our website or our other social media platforms (Instagram or Facebook).
      2. Product limits: We currently and generally limit the number of Products that can be rented by You and our other customers to five (5) at any given time. We reserve the right to cancel any order that exceeds that amount or seems suspicious to us.
      3.  Email communication: We may use the preferences and orders you provide on our Website to send you e-mails and other marketing materials for other Products. You may opt out of receiving those e-mails at any time.
      4. Non-transferable merchandise: The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement apply only to you, may be acted upon only by you, and the products may not be worn, sold or transferred to any third party other than the person renting the garment. (S)he who provides their information, agrees to the terms and conditions, and rents the products from Rentmod Inc agrees to be held liable for that product.


    Effective Date:

    March 12, 2019